Pointlessly Interesting Talks Podcast

Pointlessly Interesting Talks started out as simply two friends having interesting conversations about science, life, and humanity. One day, we decided to start recording these conversations and eventually found a platform to upload them to and experiment with podcasting. Most of the episodes are crudely edited, if at all, but they are full of our thoughts and point of views on many interesting subjects. You can also view these episodes on Spotify here, or you can search “Pointlessly Interesting Talks” in your favourite podcast player!

If you would like to read about some of the concepts and ideas discussed in this podcast, visit our articles page where we outline these ideas in a more succinct way for your digestion. Of course, if you have any ideas or thoughts about what we discuss or write about, don’t hesitate to let us know either by commenting, or contacting us through the “Contact us” button at the top of the page.