Pale Beauty In Darkness

Chilling thoughts churning through

My mind in everlasting illusion, it feels

Hopeful platitudes repealed

Slowly repelled outwards

Subsiding feelings in the outmost

Of my limbs

Drifting towards darkness it seems

Body ripping at the seams

Vision blurry and it seems

My life is ending at the scene

If it ends as I look at this scene

I don’t mind. Magnificence is the theme

The pale blue marble glistening. I feel esteemed

To witness the marvel that is our home

From such a distance… shit, I hear a light drone

Air is escaping into the vacuum

Even the air is fighting to be free I assume

I’ll be happy, as I’d achieved my freedom from gravity

And had enjoyed such beauty, despite every body cavity…bleeding

I’ll float here and enjoy the scene in

Peace. Thank God I’m not careening.

B e a u t i f u l…

P e a c e f u l…

B r e a t h – t a k i n g…

Goodbye earth… I’m glad your beauty I got to taste

Hang in there, sir! We’re pulling you in, post-haste

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Mo Darasi
Mo Darasi
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