Mo Darasi

Mo Darasi

Let’s Have a Conversation

Woman wearing teal dress sitting on chair having conversation with man

Did you ever have a moment where you are sitting opposite someone and having a conversation and then realised… “what the hell are they talking about?”. I’ve had this happen many times, where it feels like a conversation is continuing…

Humane AI Pin

to show how the humane ai pin looks

Introduction Marques Brownlee, the person behind MKBHD, reviewed the Humane AI Pin. This device is a wearable AI assistant that seems to aim to replace your phone. It wants interaction with technology to be more natural and humane, thus the…

Rime Covered

Snowy terrain near frozen lake

Neural winds flowing empty unable to latch on to anything worthy scouring the land for better rhymes and worldly ideas, but rime covers neurons, unthawed and murky. Rivers of Ice with solid surfaces and grand trees usually in green expanse…

Is Humanity At God Level?

Lightning on dark cloudy sky

A friend of mine and I have discussed this weird question long ago. If you’re thinking “BLASPHAMY!!” then rest assured because both my friend and I believe in God. This question is simply a philosophical exploration of how far humanity…

Sora: A New Video Generative AI


Generative AI has been an issue for content creators for a long time. Whether an artist creating paintings or a writer experimenting with a new way of telling a story, it can all potentially feed into an AI software database…

Is The Truth Subjective?

Glass Cube and Dots
In the face of it, it seems like it’s a basic conclusion: Truth is not dependent on subjective opinion, therefore has to be objective. Recently, there has been this phrase said by some people: “This is my truth”. Does this mean they believe truth is a subjective thing, and can be different to each person? Possible. Some believe that this phrase is used in order to stop a discussion if the person is not interested in listening to the other side. Again, possible.

Physical Mail is Killing the Environment

envelope paper lot
Most things in our lives are becoming “smart” or “eco-friendly” and that has been the trend for at least a decade if not more — in a substantial way I mean, as of course environmental awareness existed for many more years than that. Just a couple of days ago I was watching a YouTube video about Formula-E (electric Formula racing) and in it, they mentioned that Europe passed a law that will ban the sale of new internal combustion cars in 2035.

Pale Beauty In Darkness

1965. James McDivitt, Ed White, Extravehicular Activity (EVA), Gemini 4 [Spacewalk]
Chilling thoughts churning through My mind in everlasting illusion, it feels Hopeful platitudes repealed Slowly repelled outwards Subsiding feelings in the outmost Of my limbs Drifting towards darkness it seems

Google’s new AI Model Gemini

white and black typewriter with white printer paper
Artificial intelligence and machine learning are used everywhere in ways that are not overtly obvious to most of us. They're used in search engines, self-driving cars and even with tools like Grammarly, which uses a version of OpenAI (the AI that powers chat GPT, among other things).

What is Time?

a close up of a silver watch face
What is time? Why does our life revolve around it? And why are we always running out of it? These are just a sample of the questions we ask ourselves at some point or another in our lives.