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Physical Mail is Killing the Environment

Most things in our lives are becoming “smart” or “eco-friendly” and that has been the trend for at least a decade if not more — in a substantial way I mean, as of course environmental awareness existed for many more years than that. Just a couple of days ago I was watching a YouTube video about Formula-E (electric Formula racing) and in it, they mentioned that Europe passed a law that will ban the sale of new internal combustion cars in 2035.
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A World with no rules

Human beings have existed for a long time. We started as primitive creatures merely seeking survival over all other life forms and now, we reached heights in intelligence and technology that would seem strange and alien to people that lived in the 20th century let alone cave men. Human beings are curious in nature. Asking questions is one of many things differentiating us from animals, in fact Joseph Jordania, an Australian professor, said while talking about the limitations of animals such as Koko the gorilla learning the using sign language, that the ability to ask questions is the central element that distinguishes human and animal cognitive abilities.
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